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"Imagine if Brian Wilson and Joni Mitchell wrote and recorded together. The resulting music might sound a lot like Paige Calico."

-Paul Zollo, Senior Editor at American Songwriter


"A haunting blend of nostalgia, self-searching, and introspective questioning. Capable of crafting an honest love song, Calico does not rely on her heartstrings, but rather focuses her work on bigger questions. Therefore when celebrating love, she looks at love not for love’s sake, but for what love represents in the bigger picture: An anchor, perhaps; stability in even the darkest of times. Her expertise as a lyricist lends a beautiful depth to her music, which is itself humble and human."

-Atwood Magazine


“The Hard Way” is pristinely loopy Americana, a gorgeous arrangement warped just a touch by a layer of sand and dirt. Calico sings dreamily over lolling guitar and choral backdrop, a touch of chamber pop influencing the song’s hazy make. Given that it’s a song about the strength and enigmatic nature of love, its semi-lucid atmosphere fits it like a glove."

- PopMatters

"Calico's songs are like a wisp of smoke from down the canyon — either a memory of someplace you’ve been or a hint of someplace you’re going."

-Buzzbands LA


"The sweet and sexy airiness of Calico’s voice could lead the listener to hear a love song if they ignored the lyrics. Instead of that, it’s something of a feminist anthem"

-SF Sonic


"Calico’s gauzy, ethereal vocals lilt towards twee, but aren’t overly precious as they flirt with the infectious, impressive melody."

- Elmore Magazine