Somewhere between what you've loved and what you've lost lives the sweetest form of nostalgia. Paige Calico's songs take you just to that space. Harmonies that hold you in the safe arms of love with lyrics that make you question how long that feeling will last.

From growing up a Jersey girl, to living in a Chevy Coachman, to her solo journey across the country and finding her new home of Los Angeles, Calico takes you on a journey with her music. 

Paige's debut solo EP "Crying Diamonds," is made up of six delicately crafted songs combining dark, catchy folk with tones of etherial choral pop. Her Sophomore collection of songs support her sultry, smoky voice with shimmering guitars, vibey synths, and a touch of dirt and grit. 

Calico is currently in the studio working on a new record and dipping her toes into a world that marries vintage to modern sound.